Office of Archaeological Research

Forensic Science Summer Camp

Forensic Camp 2019 Flyer

The Alabama Forensic Science Camp is a summer camp coordinated by The University of Alabama’s Office of Archaeological Research. There will be two separate, week-long camps: one week for middle schoolers and one week for high schoolers. 20 students will be selected for each session.

Learn from Experts

Students will get a chance to learn from faculty members in the departments of anthropology, chemistry, and engineering. These professionals will lead engaging activities in which they describe many different aspects of crime scene investigation. Some of the subject areas are as follows:

  • Criminal Profiling and Psychology
  • Trace Evidence
  • Serology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Search and Field Recovery Techniques

Campers will also have a chance to talk to a consultant about college admission requirements and the application process.

Involved Learning Activities

Campers will have many opportunities to take their learning into their own hands. They’ll be part of hands-on demonstrations during lab, and will be given a laboratory kit as part of their supplies! At the end of their week, students will be split up into groups for a small-group case study of an actual criminal investigation!

More Information

For more information about the Alabama Forensic Science Camp, download our Informational Brochure (pdf) or contact Lindsey Gordon at (205) 371-8700, (205) 371-226, or fgordon@ua.edu.